The rain doesn’t wet me anymore

Those were the days of bliss. I could feel the energy inside me. I used to crave for something extraordinary. Jolly, happy-go-lucky I was. The sun that rose making its colors stream in the dewy leaves of the trees, the moonlit night with its freshness. I used to feel that they depicted me. Everything was beautiful from the blue sky above me to the farthest horizon. There was a charisma in-me, world could see and wonder, and not repudiate. I was walking along the happy trails of my life.

        But, suddenly a hurricane came and swept it all away. It came, broke apart the windows of my expectations, uprooted the trees of happiness that used to canopy me, and smashed the foundations of my aims. I became completely solitary. I wanted to be in the path of service, but where in the cross-roads I mistook my way? No one is with me today, not even my family, not even the ones I loved. Thousand moments of happiness were shattered in the stroke of the one-day weather. I can now feel, I am losing the race of my life. If I lose it, it’s not my fault, who can win the nature.

      At least, I have a determination that I can. I can strive to bring out my lost energy even in the down trodden state. I am going to tick away all the malady of the perfidious world that has made me lose all hopes. In the end, everyone is going to meet his maker the same fate for all. Now, I don’t find any warmth in the sun, or any fresh chill in the moonlit night. I find no colors of my life due to its filthiness. Because I am already drenched with bestowed courage. The rain doesn’t wet me anymore.

Anupa Gaire Grade XI

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