Each department at our school is enriched with qualitied, competent, energetic and dynamic faculties who are always updated with the teaching methodologies and innovations around the world. Expertise of the subject matter, effective delivery, clear objectives and sound knowledge of the heterogeneous nature of the students are a few, among many, attributes of our teachers. The school arranges a series of Profession Development Programmes (PDP) to strengthen the work efficiency of its faculties. On regular base and need base as well, on-the-job training and off-the-job trainings are convened round the year. On addition, National Training Centre, SOS Children’s Villages Nepal too arranges training programmes where our colleagues participate.

The existing faculties are:

Administrative & Teaching Faculties


Surendra Amgai

Vice Principal

Laxman Bhandari

Middle Managers

Academic-General/Block In-charge

Kushum Giri

Academic (Monitoring & Evaluation)

Shiva SundarShrestha

Higher Secondary

Dilli Prasad Aryal

Pastoral Care

Rajendra Pd. Paudel

Extra Curricular Activities

Manoj Chhetri


Surendra Amgai

Shiva Sundar Shrestha

Manoj Chhetri

Anu Dhital

Yog Nath Regmi


Laxman Bhandari

Abhi Narayan Bhandari

Shivaraj Rimal



Dilli Prasad Aryal

Rajendra Prasad Paudel

Pradip Regmi



Sanjay Kumar Chhetri

Kushum Giri

Social Studies

Ram Prasad Sharma

Rajesh Kumar Thapa


Nabin Kumar Shrestha

Diwakar Khadka


Mohan Niraula

Arjun Kumar Baruwal

Art / Logistics

Nabin B. Adhikari



Grade Teachers

Ganga Sharma

Saraswati Sharma

Gita Sapkota

Dipa Bajgai

Neetu Poudel

Chandra Kala Pandey

Sunita Tamang

Melina Adhikari


Madhav Paudel

Science Laboratory

Sonu Gurung



Khadga B. Sapkota

Office Secretary

Shova Adhikari