General School Rules

In addition to the general circulars communicated by school administration all the time, here are some general rules meant for safeguarding rights of each child as well as reminding everyone’s duties. Everyone must abide by the rules or else actions will be taken seriously.


1. School Hours:

School starts at 09:55 am. The students must reach at school by 09:45 am but not earlier to 09:30 unless the child is pre-informed. Pupils who arrive late will be registered and their parents or guardians will be notified. All week days, the school closes at 4:05 pm except for Nursery to grade Two and their parents are requested to ensure that their children sign out from school with them or with designated adult. On Fridays the school closes at 1:20 pm for Nursery to grade Two and at 2:00 PM for Grade Three to Ten.

2. School Uniform and Personal Hygiene:

All the children must come to school in proper uniform. Our wish is to see every child look smart; dress clean and neatly pressed, shoes well polished, fingers-nail pared, teeth brushed and hair well combed. Fashionable accessories are strictly prohibited. Please make sure that you have your school uniform as prescribed:

Shirt:                  Sky Blue

Sweater:            Grey with blue border on neck, sleeves and waist

Pants/Skirts:    Grey

Shoes:               Normal model, black colour

Socks:               Grey

Tie:                    Grey with SOS logo on it


3. Language

All the students must speak English inside the school premises except vernacular periods.


4. Attendance and Promotion

Attendance is the responsibility of both the parents and the students and an important part of promotional requirements. Students must have 40% marks in all subjects and a minimum of 90% attendance of total working days to be promoted to next grade. Report the absences in high time; in advance or if that is impossible report it when the child resumes. A student can’t leave school in odd hours without parental signed consent.

5. Food and Medicines

The children are encouraged to bring homemade tiffin and are advised to avoid junk foods viz noodles, biscuits etc.

It’s better not to attend school in case of illness; mostly communicable diseases. If your child needs to be given medicines during school hours, talk to the respective grade or class teachers.

6. Homework and Assignments:

The students must do their homework and assignment on time. Parents or guardians are advised to check the homework diary regularly and fix their signature on it. They are also encouraged to provide special guidance to assess the assignments or project work.

7. Library and Labs:

Inculcate the habit of going library but stick to the library rules. Make sure that you have library card and borrow and return the books on time.

There are many valuables in computer and science labs. Handle them carefully. Report the damages immediately. Don’t touch the things in science labs if you aren’t sure about their use as they can be sometimes destructive. Keep computer labs clean, for the computer are allergic to dust. Avoid virus infections in the PCs.

8. Transportation and Parking:

School doesn’t provide transportation facility to the students. Parents/guardians are requested to drop and collect their children themselves. But senior students can come to school on their own bicycles. Motorbikes are strictly not allowed.

Children should ensure that cycle stand is well used.

9. Fees and Payments:

All the payments including tuition fees should be made regularly by the 10th of every Nepali month through bank (Standard Chartered Bank, A/c No. 02-0009520-20).

10. Valuables and Forbidden Objects:

Students shouldn’t bring valuable possessions i.e. jewels, mobiles, walkmans etc. to  school. The school doesn’t accept any responsibilities in case of damage or loss of these.

11. School Visit:

We are extremely delighted to have frequent visits of our guardians to school. Each time you visit, please stop by the school gate and sign in so that we know who you are and why you are there. You can visit Principal/Vice-Principal and other teachers at any time when they aren’t busy and discuss about the progress of your wards.

12. Outside the School:

As the students are representatives of Hermann Gmeiner Schools, they must ensure that they remember at least the school rules irrespective of the place and time they are. The public has clear and perfect image of Hermann Gmeiner Schools and you shouldn’t let it go down.